Orders and Transport


Contact one of our agents to place an order.  Please see sidebar for a list of agents.

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The following procedure will be followed if you apply as a new client:

  • An order together with a credit application will be completed. (Credit application will be revised annually)
  • The agent will fax the order and credit application to headoffice for a credit reference.  (Original signed contract must be sent to headoffice either by post or through the agent)
  • Copy of VAT certificate should be submitted as well.
  • It could take up to 3 days, under normal circumstances, to process an application for the first time.  There after the approval of orders will happen quickly if all criteria is met.
  • Order is approved and sent through to our transport department who will contact you to arrange for delivery.


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PBD Logistics is mainly used at the lime branches and therefore Greenlands makes use of private transport contractors.  We strive to deliver the farmer’s fertilizer asap and therefore we make use of  goal driven, professional contractors.

You are welcome to arrange you’re own transport as long as you confirm a date and time with the transport department beforehand.

Allow 48 hours after an order has been approved for delivery/collection to take place.  When we are in season the time might be longer as most of our clients order beforehand and time slots are allocated to them for the delivery of their fertilizer.  We will help you with the first available slot that we have.


The following types of packaging is available:

50kg bags

500kg bags

1 ton bags

50kg bags on pallets wrapped in plastic

50kg bags in slingbag/pallet

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